"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer." -Ansel Adams

Monday, August 2, 2010

Cosplay in America

I just got back from Otakon 2010, as with any convention there were many memories and new jokes that will now circle amongst my friends. By far the best thing about the convention was being able to meet Ejen Chuang, the mind behind the book 'Cosplay in America' and buying the book from him in person.

I found out about his project via a girl I watch on an art hosting site and instantly fell in love with the idea behind his project. The book is beautifully put together visually and physically, I was not expecting the quality of the book when I purchased it from him. Flipping through it I was floored by the quality of photographs. The book isn't organized in any particular way, the photographs vary from center quarter the page size images to double page spreads. My favorite of the book are the full bleed images, but the sizes seem to work for each image chosen.

My favorite part of meeting Ejen was just talking to him about how much he loved working on the project and being able to talk with cosplayers at conventions he was returning to now sell his book. He told us about the cosplayer who is now pretty much 'the face' (quiet literally and figuratively) of Cosplay in America was surprised and didn't know what he had gotten into when Ejen had asked to photograph him. Also, I love how he described his book as a capture of what cosplay is like now in America and how in like 5 or 10 years it'll be completely different. He commented on how he even saw a cosplay on friday with led lights built right into the costume and he was excited to learn how we had seen a cosplay with moving mechanical wings.

So guys, I guess this is my plug for his book. Go out and buy it, if not at least check it out because it really is a wonderful look into what cosplay is right now in America, even if you don't like anime or conventions you'll love looking at this wonderful captivating photographs.

Facebook Page
Video of the Book

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You know you're an artist when...

...you sell your first piece of art not to anyone related to you. Go me one of my pieces from my senior thesis was sold and the customer enjoys the piece for the content, I don't think he fully understands the behinds of the project but hopefully he will now that I have informed him about my website.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sharing a Passion

I was browsing through the pages of Deviant Art I stumbled upon a great project. Cosplay in America is a book with photographs taken at 6 anime conventions around the US in 2009/2010. This guy has spent countless hours and maxed out credit cards following something he's passionate about making. This is a prime example of following a project through to the end. Over the next day or two I'm going to contact this guy and ask about possibly going with him to a convention to work with him and see him in action, though it seems he may be a shy guy about this we'll see. I contacted a friend who's attending a convention he is attending to possibly go check him out for me and try and purchase a book if he's selling them there. I'm nervous about contacting him but something I have to get over. In the mean time, go check out his blog, scroll around and read about what this guy is all about. Personally I can't wait to see this book in person, it's not about the 'best' cosplayers as much as it people gathering to share a common interest.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No more Fuji 160 S?

Damnit, someone told me a week ago or something but I didn't think I'd see it so soon. Fuji has decided to discontinue all of their 160 S film. Guess what 4x5 I use? Yup. I love the film and it's about $5 cheaper a box. Dunno what I want to do now? Just use what I have then move onto Kodak? Sooner or later all film is gonna go cause everyone wants the convince of digital. I still love you film < 3

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


It seems there are a lot of misunderstood people not only in the Cosplay world but something else that seems to be growing in numbers. Furries have been getting bad raps from media portraying them as sex fiends doing it woods or lonely people with no life outside their room on the computer. These are people do, just with a different obsession, some afraid to express themselves because of ridicule. 
Being a photographer I try to take a bias look at things and not judge till I understand it or it goes against my morals. I think everyone should take this approach and see these 'freaks' for who they really are. Real people with a passion for something they may have in common with people all over the globe. 
Here's a link to an article that explains this issue and I hope those who read this take the time to read and understand what something is before they judge it. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I'm trying to get a list of places and people to send my senior show cards too and finding it harder than I thought. I want to send one to some cosplay photographers I've seen online but it would be awkward asking for peoples physical addresses.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

First Post Please

This is for the sake of posting a first entry in my blog. I intend to use this as a way to sort of document my photography once I leave school. There will be more posts to follow shortly :)